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Product Support Expiration Schedule

MicroStrategy supports each major and minor release for a minimum of three years from release. However, a major or minor release will continue to be supported until one year after its successor is made available. Additionally, MicroStrategy will support service packs for one year after its successor service pack is released. When a release is expired, all of its related service packs, hotfixes, and patches will also be expired.

Expected Expiration Dates for Existing Versions

Version Support Status Original Release Date Expected Expiration Date *
7.0x Expired September 12, 2000 March 1, 2004
7.1x Expired March 31, 2001 March 1, 2004
7.2x Expired April 6, 2002 July 15, 2005
7.3x Expired November 21, 2002 July 15, 2005
7.5x Expired November 18, 2003 November 20, 2006
8.0x Expired February 1, 2005 April 2, 2009
8.1x Expired March 23, 2007 September 1, 2011
9.0x Supported March 20, 2009 TBD
9.2x Supported March 30, 2011 TBD


MicroStrategy's Goals

This schedule allows us to direct our efforts toward current and future versions of our products, retool our system resources to support the latest, best, and most popular versions, and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that our Technical Support personnel are well trained and up to date on the latest MicroStrategy products and technologies.

Migration Resources

All customers with current maintenance plans are eligible to upgrade to equivalent products in the latest version. These products are available on CD and via the MicroStrategy Download Site for customers with valid MicroStrategy Support Site accounts.

Migration planning and implementation services are available through MicroStrategy Consulting and can be requested through your Account Manager. As the number of enhancements in newer MicroStrategy versions increases, migrating may become more challenging. Customers looking to move from a version that was released more than two years prior to the newest version should enlist MicroStrategy Consulting to help guide them through the migration and overcome such challenges.

If you have specific technical questions about upgrading your project, obtaining a CD Key, or an Internet account, please contact MicroStrategy Technical Support.

*Note: Based on product release schedules, Technical Support may choose to modify expiration dates so that expiration occurs later than the dates published above. Dates will not be moved earlier than those posted above.